Montréal People: A penultimate perambulation

Penultimate is defined as "the next to the last" and today's is the next-to-last post for the summer, for which the Passage traditionally shutters.

Since you like to people-watch and requested more shots of women past 50, here's an assortment taken yesterday, on a cool, sunny morning at the Market.

An older woman in a pink jacket with a lace skirt– now that should inspire! Note that she has kept her stockings on, but they are sheer, to suit the airiness of the skirt.

Look at that gorgeous, thick grey-pearl hair! She looked so fresh in her pink skirt, sandals and toes set off by her striking inlaid bracelet.

I told her that her hair gave me hope; she said she's kept it blue for 30 years, does it herself with vegetable colour. Today will be re-colouring day, but I could still see that vibrant royal-blue swath. "C'est votre griffe" ("It's your signature") I suggested; she smiled in agreement.

On a redhead, I admired a bronze and cream palette; a pink printed scarf tied to her bag breaks up the matchiness and reminds me how much I like pink and cocoa.

Flowers on her blouse, and a hat that reminds me of '60s London: a distinctive ensemble. Who is she? I wondered, as I so often do.

Rounding towards home, I stopped at Joe la Croute, makers of breads that ensure I'll never, ever go no-carb! All bakers save Joe are women; one admitted she can eat a small loaf between the bakery and home.

I'll collect more shots over the summer and show them to you in September. Till then, happy people-watching of your own!


materfamilias said…
I LOVE what your eye brings us here -- such a delightful and idiosyncratic and observant collection! Thank you! And
LauraH said…
Enjoy your summer and 'see' you in the fall.
Susan said…
We'll miss you Duchesse. Thank you for these photos.
Madame Là-bas said…
What lovely ladies! Each one different, each one expressing her beauty in her own way!
Yes, I knew that we were nearing "closing time", with or without famous son Leonard Cohen... Our twin national holidays announce high summer and time off for quite a few. Hope you are travelling somewhere wonderful.

Pink and Cocoa and the much younger woman to her right both have beautiful, muscular legs.

Jos la Croûte makes lovely bread.

Psst, we also need some sexy MEN of the appropriate vintage, other than Le Duc, of course.
Your penultimate post has special meaning for me :-)
I would love to be brave enough to apporach women in the marketplace and ask to snap their photo...
these pictorial posts are always so interesting.

Have a lovely holiday Duchesse!
Duchesse said…
mater: Thank you, you encourage me.
LauraH: If only it would stop raining!
Susan: I'll miss you too.
Mme: Feel gratified you 'see' their beauty. Aren't women wonderful?
lagatta: Feel free to take out your camera to snap the men, I'm shy. It's a whole different activity ;)
hostess: I look pretty harmless, I guess- most are very amenable.
Shelley said…
I do love these photos of real women instead of sticks from magazines. Thanks so much - and have a great time off!

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