Spring dresses by Montréal's marvelous Miljkovitch

A new dress: coincides with a romantic getaway, the return of clement days, and some slow, continual wardrobe retooling. Much more has been divested than replaced, as I discover what fits with my new size and city.

I've been admiring girls in little skirts all week, but need more fabric there. And elsewhere. 

Whenever I wear one of Véronique Miljkovitch's pieces I'm asked who made it. The line is offered in natural fibers (cotton, silk and cotton with some stretch) or high-end poly-jersey in interesting colours; there are occasional prints.  

The dresses are as easy to wear as the current generation of Diane von Furstenberg wraps (someone will always make that versatile style), but more unusual and modern. 

The draping skims what you want skimmed; there's volume but not bulk. It's hard to describe what she does: it's as if Madame Grès and Rick Owens had a baby. They are surprisingly effective on voluptuous women and make slender proportions look graceful rather than stalky. (Sizing is XS to XL.) The average price for a dress is around $250-$300.

The style below, "Anouk" is one of the best-sellers; my GF Christine has  a version with longer sleeves, and it's stunning.

I tried on a number of the season's designs and loved many; I finally chose "Juliette" below. (The neckline on mine is definitely lower; that big necklace covers up the detail. The dress ties in front, adapting easily to an eased or more cinched waist.)

Big crush on this dress, too, a navy that is strict and sirenish at the same time:

And a shift that's playful, not just a rectangle:

For more of the Spring/Summer 2013 line, and for stores, see Vèronique Miljkovitch.  One reader had a gracious response when she called the workshop to order. The online shopping site Shopgirls carry a few pieces, including the alluring "Anouk".

I've showed you the dress even before Le Duc, but it's for him that I chose it. Stepping out with your beloved in a new dress is one of life's great pleasures. Actually, going out with anybody in a new dress is fun, but you know what I mean.


Anonymous said…
Those are lovely options, Duchesse. I hope you get to wear yours for many happy outings.

I'm anxious to get started on a few new summer dresses for myself, but I've wanted to push forward on a translation I'm doing, and this weekend I have a house guest. Next week the machine comes out for sure!
Déjà Pseu said…
I really love that navy number! That's the kind of dress that would have some staying power in the wardrobe, so even if it's not worn frequently would still earn its keep over time.
Susan said…
These are lovely and interesting at the same time! And, I agree with you that it is special to step out for a night on the town in a beautiful new dress (especially on the arm of someone you love).
frugalscholar said…
If I got a new dress--or new anything--my husband wouldn't even notice. Ah well.

That store you linked is fabulous. Many good ideas. Wish I could find a place with that kind of focus.
materfamilias said…
Oh, j'adore that navy dress -- I've Pin(terest)ed it, and would love to get my own or another from Miljkovitch. Maybe in the fall. . . it's on my wishlist.
Meanwhile, have a lovely night out on the town with your Duc in your new dress, also a gorgeous garment!
Her designs are so interesting and flattering.
While I am not ready to buy anything new just yet I will make a note of her website. Enjoy your evening out !
Do have Le Duc snap a picture of you in your new dress. I think it must be very chic on you.
spacegeek33 said…
Like Deja, I love the Navy one! Where might I find/online to purchase?? :-)
Duchesse said…
spacegeek: I have already linked to Shopgirls, the only online site I can find who carry some of her pieces.

Otherwise, you can see the stockists on her website to which I have also linked. (Readers, the links are in blue.) Call or visit the nearest to find out what they have.
Duchesse said…
rubi: Have fun and show us what you whip up!

Pseu: I keep thinking, what is it about her clothes? They are not basics but very wearable-dress I bought could go to the office. But the navy dress, I'd say no unless a woman dresses slinkily for her job. (I tried it on, divine- and thought, for special resto, wedding, party etc.)

Susan: It's really hard to find clothes like this, at least for what I can spend.

frugal: Awww. But •you• would know you looked fabulous.

mater: I see she is carried by several Paris boutiques ;)

hostess: We are going to the new planetarium, then to dinner. Is this what they mean by taking you to the stars?

Beth said…
These are fabulous. I'm more of a sewer and thriftshop buyer than a buyer of designer fashions, but I like these very much. There are a couple of new books on learning to drape fabric - maybe this will be an incentive for me to buy one! The fabric stores up on St. Hubert offer a lot more choices than I ever had in Vermont.
Duchesse said…
Beth: I'd say this is master class level, working with drape and that fabric, whew. I don't consider these dresses overpriced (like some of our local designers) and she has sales at her studio in the wonderful BELGO Buuilding, 372 Ste.- Catherine O.
Tiffany said…
I bought a dress and a top from her after you mentioned her a few years back - still love them. And she was delightful - phoned me in Australia so she could take my payment details. I may just have to get another dress ...
Duchesse said…
Tiffany: I'm so happy to hear that; this is a major reason why I write the blog- to introduce women to resources.

My VM top is 5 yrs old and still going strong.
Beth said…
You're right - I looked at all the collections and she's fabulous, a master draper and designer! What top did you buy five years ago?
Duchesse said…
Beth: It's not on the site anymore, but I'll "model' it for you sometime.
Anonymous said…
Love those drapey dresses! I got a black knit cotton one with an interesting pouch-like drape at the front from the neckline to the waist. It sounds dreadful but was actually really flattering. I wore it regularly for a couple of years before it faded from washing.

Dresses are great. I must make sure I wear mine more.
Duchesse said…
birdiebegins: Grr, fading black. I've re-dyed with success and some people do it all the time. There is a superior black dye offered on the net:
Anonymous said…
On me drapey things make me look like I'm the Queen Mum or wearing a crumpled paper bag. I'm too short and round for this style. I think they look best on taller, thinner women.

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