Cool spring special: Keshis with South Seas

Pearl Paradise March specials, made with white Akoya keshis and South Sea baroques, are quite the buys: sumptuous, current, unusual enough to please those who like their serene with a shot of style. 

PP always have good monthly specials but the designs usually sit on the safely-classic side of the oyster bed. This month they offer two exceptions; great timing for spring gift-giving or just to put a glow near your pretty face. 

The necklace mixes seven white South Seas (9mm-10mm) with lustrous Akoya keshis; it's available in 16, 18 or 20 inch sizes; price for 18-inch is $314. Baroques read as more casual than rounds; if you feel your pearls are too 'formal', hop over to baroques.

This piece will not only "go" with everything, it will lift and twirl you. 

The pendant, with a tiny keshi "chain" that holds a white South Sea, begins at $200 for the 14mm-15mm size which is perfectly plush, but there are also options for an estimable 15-16mm and a fan-yourself 16-17mm (only $70 more). 

If you can wear a 16.5-inch length, I'd jump. (Now, madame;  I've heard too many heartbreak stories that go, "I dithered, and PP sold out.") 

There is also a bracelet but with only three pearls, I say it's for a petite, fine-boned woman.

Seriously special prices, reputable dealer, thirty-day refund policy. (I see new readers in the Passage so will say again, I'm not a paid reviewer for any vendor.)


Déjà Pseu said…
I missed out on the "meteor" large irregular pearl earrings they were offering at the end of last year and learned my lesson. When the large bronze keshi drop earrings went on sale in January, I jumped, and don't regret it for a moment. They are spectacular!
spacegeek33 said…
Oh my my! I really want a South Sea "Tin Cup" necklace. They have only SS baroques shown, but I'll bet they would do rounds if I inquired. Waiting til I have a milestone to celebrate before making the financial leap! Thanks for posting! I've bought several things from their sister company Kojima, with great results!
Anonymous said…
I adore the first necklace. I'd like your opinion, though, on whether it (and other light-colored pearls) look right with dark neutrals: black, navy, charcoal, merlot; or are black or gray pearls the way to go?
Thank you. Joy (a mostly-lurker who loves the Passage)
Duchesse said…
spacegeek: Ohhh. I am sure they would make that, it's easy, and then *please* send me a photo. Kojima's sister company (or more accurately, parent) is Pacific Pearls, not Pearl Paradise, though I believe Jeremy And Sarah know one another!

Joy: Yes, these or other pale colours will have real presence against your neutrals.

I wouldn't choose black (gets lost on darks) unless you have other strands and the black would be for an extra. IMO black needs honkin' flashing overtones (as you see in very fine Tahitians) to really look great.

Grey or lavender would be pretty, but they need nice overtones,too. If you adore this necklace, why not order it to see?

I've seen this price for *a single pearl* of this variety so- a deal. Thanks for reading!
Duchesse said…
Pseu: All's well that ends pearl-well and your bronze earrings are luscious!
Anonymous said…
Ooh, that first necklace is pretty! I love baroque pearls--the knobbier the better. Big Japanese Kasumi pearls in peachy, watered-silk tints make my mouth water, and those gray Tahitians that gleam pigeon-breast blue and pink are heavenly, too. The ugly-duckling necklace I took apart and restrung has some of those iridescent gray-blues; mixed with freshwater whites and small glass beads, I'm finding it very light and wearable.

Duchesse said…
C: Our tastes are similar; you write about those hues so evocatively. And these whites also appeal to me, so cloudlike and spring-y.
Anonymous said…
Ah, no I was asking hands up if anyone liked Black Velvet, I loathe the concoction but I do have a croissant or porridge for breakfast every morning, having run the gamut of weird and wonderful diets I've found that the only thing that works for me is calorie counting, ( I even gained on Atkins) so as ours are French sized they come in at just under 300 calories which I can easily fit into my three meals a day maintenance plan.
I still gain weight though, it's just a constant struggle for me.
Duchesse said…
Tabitha: Thanks,counting is the only way to go, if I don't I'm sunk. And I have to do serious walk to get the 300 cal treats.

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