Montréal people: Toujours l'hiver

We haven't been people-watching for a bit, partly because I freeze my fingers taking photos at -21C (-6F)! But last weekend temps rose to -8C (17F), so let's watch Montréalers, out on a sunny but still-wintry weekend. Men and women alike bundle, but we see the first hints that the next season beckons.

Her dots on yellow lift a wintry grey puffer and wink at spring.

A fellow in an audacious pink bomber and Fair Isle hat, his companion in red with a boldly-striped scarf:

"Girls can wear pink, too", she says. Her mother told me she loves rose et jaune.

Gentle, soft celadon with its generous ruff of cream flatters and gives a visual vacation from the ubiquitous darks of February:


She's come from yoga, now en route to skating. Her treasured parka, from the Northwest Territories, is appliqued in traditional motifs. Our conversation began in French, switched to English and ended with bonne journée, typical here.

Bob "Elvis" Gratton is a comic character in several films and a TV series; "Think big, 'sti!" is his catch-phrase, like Austin Powers' "Yeah, baby!"  'Sti" (variants include esti, asti, osti) is explained here along with other classic Quebec swear words you wouldn't use around your mother.

Note the accessories: Cool shades, luminous white hair, plush, Indian-patterned scarf (we supersize here)–and baguette.

The shops present spring long before the snow melts. At hip jewelry boutique Charlotte Hosten, I asked to shoot a neckpiece of feathers, flowers and beads:

In the park across the street from my place, a jaunty man teaches a girl to juggle while skaters glide around them. Let's watch, then come in for a cup of Euphoria!

Next stop, spring! Six weeks until it shows up on people's backs, though I did see a young man on the street with knee-length stovepipe shorts over leather leggings, everything black. Yes, I did!


Love the baby could swim in those eyes! In San Antonio, spring has begun...but we are in desparate need of rain...I actually wish we couldve worn winter wear a bit longer, but the weather is beautiful.
Julie said…
Our daffodils are blooming here but it is still cold and shivery. The photo of the lady with the baguettes is my favorite of these. She is stylish and has bread. What more could you want?
Déjà Pseu said…
Oh your Montréal-ers are so stylish! I love how they incorporate a bit of color. And that bébé...just beautiful!!!
see you there! said…
Such fun to see how people dress in other parts of the world. No need for puffy coats here.

see you there! said…
Such fun to see how people dress in other parts of the world. No need for puffy coats here.

That baby is beautiful and the pink brings out the blue of her eyes.
That jewelry shop must be a treasure trove if that necklace is any indication of what else they make have in stock. Pearls perhaps?
materfamilias said…
You are good at this! Such finds that capture the spirit of a stylish, wintry, linguistically rich city -- keep these posts coming, please! (I do realize how much work they must be, but they're so fabulous, I can't help but want more!)
Mean Mama said…
Adore seeing on-the-street photos! Even in winter Montréalers are so stylish, not like here in northern Vermont.
LauraH said…
Love the on-the-street peeks. I noticed a number of scarves being worn around the coat. In Toronto, I mainly see scarves around the neck, inside the coat which is often open a bit at the top. I wonder if the difference indicates a deeper preference - style over warmth? Hmmmmm.....
sisty said…
Ahem.... I think the person in the hot pink coat is not a "fellow." Love the snow!
Duchesse said…
Pam: I fell in love on the spot!

Julie: Maybe a smile but I caught her unawares.

Pseu: Yes, and also I was hunting for colour.

Darla: We have an enormous temperature range here.

hostess: Alas, they sell glass pearls, but the boutique is very "in".

materfamilias: At last I have my bargaining chip: yours of Harriet and Nola for mine of Montréalers!

Mean Mama: It is the urban effect vs smaller towns. Both can look great but there is a difference.

LauraH: I'm seeing them worn both ways. One thing I do notice is how many scarves are the size of baby blankets.

sisty: Not sure he is jolly or good, but- that is a fellow.

materfamilias said…
Ha! Okay, that is a very good trading chip. . . ;-)
Toni said…
I'm very happy to find a Mtl blogger who is with it! Mtl is my home , but I now live in Ottawa -- affectionately know as "toque town" because of its lack of style. But we did have our own "International Fashion Show" last week and it was great to see.

Lane said…
Wonderful street photos! I regret not getting to Montreal this winter. We are not near spring yet either in Maine.

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