The wearable journey: Photo prints

Travel, mystery, ephemera: photo prints bring the world to your outfit. I'm captivated; I look at the scene and imagine the story behind it. The most graphic prints transport, others merely hint at the setting.

Tie on the trip!

Liberty of London offer several quirky photo prints from Lily & Lionel; I especially like this bamboo and cotton blend print of an Eastbourne gift shop; price £135.

Also at Liberty, a Bond St. jeweler's sparkling window captured in Temps de Reve's navy silk carré, (106 x 106 cm). Price, £195.
Travel prints are Australian Good & Co.'s signature; their extra-long chiffon rectangles (160 x 130cm) are good for flinging and shifting the palette about. "The Medina Hustle", for example, is a packed souk scene that knots to a soft blur of greens and ochre, lit by white. Price, about $250.

Here is the scarf folded for wear (photo from their web shop):

Montréal's own PatternRecognitions make this nostalgic photo print scarf of kids playing; a long narrow piece (160cm x 25 cm) of chiffon silk. Price, $40 from the designer's Etsy shop.

A photo print on cashmere: Eric Bompard's wistful, moody blues on winter white 2-ply.  Price, 275 €.

It's your world, we just live in it

Are you thinking you'd like a scarf with the photo of the bike shop you loved in Brussels or that bakery in San Luis? You can have it! Etsy seller MarlenasArtSilks will print from your digital file, on a wide selection of colours, in shapes from hankie to shawl size.  

While I'd choose a different composition than the scrapbook style shown, this idea intrigues. And what fun for a gift! The scarf shown is $70; and the process is described on the site.

Photo print tees, last call

I have a stack of photo print tees from New York designer Suva, who are discontinuing their line. The poly and cotton/poly blend tops travel well; I'm hoarding my collection. If you hop on their site, click  "Suva Wear" and if lucky, you can still find pieces on sale in limited sizes. Shown, Ravenna tank, $45.


Susan B said…
What a great selection you've curated here! I'm so sorry that Suva is no longer offering their tees. I've really enjoyed the two I purchased on your recommendation a few years back.
Duchesse said…
Pseu: Full disclosure: I've stockpiled a few of my Suva favourites. Can't imagine not having them.
Mardel said…
Somewhere along the line I have become enamored of photo prints even though I was initially dismissive. I had forgotten about the Suva tees, too bad they are discontinuing them
materfamilias said…
A lovely whirlind tour of some lovely destinations via the photo prints. And I must say -- I so enjoyed being linked to you and Sue in her post today. I really do hope the three of us have lunch together someday, in whichever city, and a long, fabulous conversation!
These are really interesting pieces...
I think a photo print scarf of one's trip to Paris would be a lovely way to remember a journey.
Duchesse said…
Mardel: I'm picky about them, not all work. But Timothy Showalter of Suva is a fine photographer; the tops are interesting and well-designed.

materfamilas: I'm thinking, weekend! No lunch would be long enough.

hostess: Many possibilities; I'd go with a large square.

Oh how funny - I was looking at that Liberty scarf last week. I'm from a seaside town so always drawn to a postal picture.
Nancy K said…
I am fascinated by some of these digital print fabrics,but mostly I don't want to wear them. The minimalist in me cringes at their complications and make me dizzy. A scarf I might be able to tolerate!
Duchesse said…
That's Not My Age: Sometmes the print to whoich one has a personal connectin is a "must have".

Nncy K.: I'm usually a minimalist too and very choosy about the image, but when a photo print is right, it is "me". Generally I don't enjoy wearing repeating prints- too busy.
Rose said…
Question--what do the Suva Tops look like on the back? ar they a solid color or is the photo repeated?

Rose in SV/LO
Susan said…
I would love a Big Sur shirt! I can't imagine wearing any other photo on my person!
Duchesse said…
Rose: A few styles have photo in back, most are solid. Best to ask Natalia (via e-mail or phone) if there is one that interests you.

Susan: Ah yes. One of my favourite places to be.
Kristien62 said…
What a wonderful idea! I have a few treasured pictures of Ireland. I am going to check out the Etsy site (I love Etsy). I may give myself a Christmas present.
LPC said…
So. I OWN the scarf like the sweater you showed:). And my single big investment last year was a Dries van Noten photoprint.

In other words, YES!!!!!

I agree with you completely. This is a 2012 big thing. And maybe going forward.
KSL said…
I love the Eric Bompard sweater, and Lisa, would LOVE to see it on. The scarves are great, but I'm not a big scarf fan for me, unless I need one for warmth. But, I do think one would make a great gift.
Duchesse said…
Lisa: Did they make a scarf version of the EB sweater? Cannot find it on the site, wonder if it's s/o?

Kathy Leeds: She says "scarf". I thought of the sweater but wondered whether in my required XXL size it would not lose in the uh, translation :)

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