Poetry: Serene and soft clothes

Readers who like quiet, simple clothes of natural fibers and things not tortured by embellishment know about Poetry, a UK-based company who sit in the Eileen Fisher pew. Let's pause to hear the murmur of some lovely pieces.

I especially like the linen knits, such as the Stitch Detail sweater, below, and the many offerings in washable garment-dyed linen, linen jersey and linen/alpaca. Colours are muted but don't look too drab, and a few discreet abstract prints offer variety.

Sizing is up from UK 8 to UK 22 and UK24. This is the first time I've found a line that offers a range from medium to extra-large sizes rather than from extra small to maybe large!

Bottoms and dresses are offered in two lengths, but there are not separate Petite or Tall ranges.

Customers in the US will be redirected to the US site. (Goods are shipped from England but returns can be sent to a Florida address.) You'll pay shipping and if not in the UK, duty and the taxes levied by your country. But if you wish to cast a broader net, such is the mail-order world, and I am grateful for it.

If anyone wears Poetry, and can enlighten us about the quality and service, I'd appreciate hearing from you. 

Some examples from the spring line:

Linen knit tank, £65

Linen stitch detail sweater, £89
Hemp cotton short tee, £39
Garment dyed linen jeans, £79
Ramie maxi-skirt, £119

Printed linen jersey, £69

Linen jersey top, £49


déjà pseu said…
I wasn't familiar with this line, but they do look intriguing. Will check them out, and thanks for the tip, Duchesse!
Avril Leigh said…
I have several pieces from Poetry. they are well made, the fabric is always interesting and they are flattering to wear. If something isn't right they are excellent in their return service.
LPC said…
Well you're very poetic in this yourself:). Seriously. I like it.
Mardel said…
I have a piece of theirs from a few years back and it is well made, fits well, and still looks beautiful. I would buy more. In fact I have a heavily dog-eared catalog on my desk, with many of the items you posted marked, waiting until I stop dithering and decide to place an order. Their colors attract me more than many other brands.
I have not heard of them but I do like their simplicity.
I adore natural fabrics especially linen and when our weather warms up I will be looking for some new pieces...will check this line out.

How's your weather these days? We still have gloomy overcast days.
Anonymous said…
Really lovely and liveable pieces.
I'll enjoy browsing the site but will try to find similar items from US vendors. I'm pretty sure they can be found, as you mentioned, Eileen Fisher. There must be others. I never have much success with items I order when they haven't been tried on first.
Wish Poetry was state side .
barbara said…
I wore it during many summers, maybe in the 80s?
Then linen become eco. The green party, wearing Birkenstocks, knitting sweaters in the Parliament, wore linen!
I thought, that I was finished with it.
But Poetry does it different and it could be a relaxed summer look for grown up girls.
Thank you Duchesse for finding such a truffle.
Nice, that it is an European Brand, so it's easy to order for me.
lillyanne said…
I've now bought five or six things from Poetry - the quality is good and the service, although delivery is slow, is also straightforward and honest. Eileen Fisher does cut and style much better, I think, but Poetry is good for extending your range at a less expensive level.
Duchesse said…
pseu: Can definitely see you in it.

Avril: Thanks for the review.

LPC: It appeals to me for summer wear but is probably not office-worthy?

mardel: Yes, it's the colours, so subtle. Lots of soft blues that you wear so well.

hostess; 16C and sunny, the cafés full on a Friday afternoon!

NE: There is a US site:

barbara: They have both UK and US sites. I find in the humidity and high heat of summer nothing beats linen.
Duchesse said…
lilyanne: Thanks! J. Jill also have some EF-type things at lower cost and for linen, there's Flax, but each seem to have their benefits and quirks.

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