Golightly into winter

Watch cap: Snuggly, plush, very warm
Though the idea that you lose most of your body heat through your head is a myth, winter hats are still a comfort in my part of the world, and accessories from Golightly Cashmere are coziness personified.

My favourite head-heater is a Golightly watch cap; I'm showing this Sean Connery type in one; mine is identical. At $155, a luxury; however, it's been deliciously lofty for over a decade, giving excellent value. Your choice of many spirit-lifting colours.

For a light layer, Golightly make a three-ply Featherweight version, half the weight of that shown, in a narrower colour selection, $145.

Andes hat: Ear cheer
Ears are an issue when temps dive; I also like their Andes hat ($145), with its reassuring flaps; cheeky lasses can order it with a pom-pom.

Hip skirt: Warmth plus attitude

They also make the intriguing Hip Skirt, to wear over pants. This could make an icy commute bearable. According to the folks at Golightly, the skirt ($195) adds warmth around the internal organs. I can just see one over jeans. 

The sizing is 2-8, which are not dress sizes, more like XS-XL, and I'd e-mail them my jeans size before ordering.

Gaiter aid
Golightly's featherweight neck gaiter ($145) makes a fabulous gift– order soon, because each is made to order and they're busy near the holidays! 

It's like a permanent cup of warm tea, ideal if you live or work in a drafty space. Unlike a long scarf, the closed loop doesn't slip from your neck, leaving you for someone else. (Also available in heavy weight.)

Another non-essential that could become addictive: cashmere thigh-high legwarmers. At $225, cheaper than a ticket south. Available in refined neutrals or special order in punchy violet or spring green.

Twinned with tights, they are nothing like '80s versions, and so softly warm I might sleep in them.

Wrap music

A  colour called Capote
Sigh. Purr. What woman (save one in the tropics) would not adore this cashmere wrap ($325), in a supple light weight? The 24 by 90-inch rectangle is ample enough for  various twists and turns. I'm enchanted by this colour in particular.
Some of you have enviable thrift-shop mojo– but I've never seen a Golightly piece in one. So, worth saving for, or as hint to anyone who frets about how "difficult it is to find the right thing" for you.


Deja Pseu said…
Those are highly covetable pieces! These would be fabulous gifts for those in cold-weather climates. The hip warmer is an intruiging idea; great for keeping one's butt warm without having to wear a long coat!
I love the models. The hats are lovely but I'd be terrified to lose them (yes, there is also a béret). Hmm, I'd be wary of the hip warmer and a horizontal line across the beam.

Definitely cachmere weather here. November chill and drear. Bit of a haze. Tea weather too.

Where are these made?
Cashmere is incredibly warm...these gift ideas are fun as well as being luxurious.
Frugal Scholar said…
Not likely to find items of this caliber at thrift stores. Lots of sweaters, however, show up, often with a tiny hole, easy to repair.

I second the comment: love the models.
Duchesse said…
Pseu: Hat is great for skiing!
lagatta: made in Taos, new Mexico, USA
hostess: We pretty much live in it here in Toronto, from now though March, even later on cool evenings.
Frugsl: If holes are evident, I take it to an invisible weaving service with almost magical powers.
Belle de Ville said…
What a great ideas for Christmas gifts, although if I gave my daughter a hip warmer, I don't think that she would be pleased.
LPC said…
If I lived in a cold climate I'd be on this like dew on redwoods:). Especially the neck gaiter. I had those in fleece for skiing and they are fantastic. You can also pull them up to cover your mouth and breath warmed air.
Rubiatonta said…
Love the Andes hat, though I've never been able to pull one off. With my curls, it's usually a beret-shape for me, even though I can't keep my ears warm in one.

I'll have to dig out the beret I made last year out of hand-dyed and spun yarn from La Lana yarns, also located in Taos. (Funny, that.) It'll be time to wear it here, soon enough.
Anonymous said…
the cap and the leg warmers are at the TOP of my Christmas list!
I aways get cold kidneys, so I can see the hip warmer skirt would be a winner for me!
materfamilias said…
These pieces look absolutely luscious -- interesting how cashmere's rich texture gets conveyed, even in a photograph. And those colours!

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