Birthdays: Good times and gifts

As we've done for some years, we celebrated the birthdays of our twin sons (23) and me (62) this last weekend. Gone are the days of waterpark or fire station parties; since they reached 19 (the age of majority where we live), we choose a restaurant, usually the rooftop Skybar of the Drake Hotel.

Your challenge, dear readers is to figure out who (Duchesse or les fils) received which of these gifts.

Or just have fun checking out the silly and significant, the gestures grand and small, that made the celebrations sparkle.

The best gifts of all: time to spend with dear friends and the deep joy of having both sons home at the same time.

1. The
Thousand Autumns of Jacob van Zoet, by David Mitchell

2. Asterios Polyp, by David Mazzucchelli

3. Tahitian pearl necklace, this very one, from Kojima Company

4. Toronto Blue Jays vs LA Dodgers; Dodgers drubbed Jays

5. Medium Raw, by Anthony Bourdain

6. Awakening
the Spine, by Vanda Scarvelli

7. A gift certificate for the therapeutic waters at Body Blitz spa

8. A cheque toward a new bike, because beloved bike (well-locked) was stolen from the garage on the birthday

9. A "greenie" cookie

10. Brunch at La Palette, Kensington Market

11. A cheque toward living expenses because birthday person did not anticipate the close of workplace for two weeks (without pay)

12. Pub night at C'est What? bar

13. The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest, by Stig Larsson

14. Two silver chains, one with pearls and one of antique beads with a hand-cast maple seed pendant by Montreal jeweler Red Sofa


Meg Mitchell said…
Just found your blog and it looks like a fun read. Will enjoy it with my morning coffee. And you are from Toronto?? I'm from Niagara on the Lake. Nice to meet you.
Duchesse said…
Meg: Welcome! I'm in Toronto.
Susan B said…
A Belated Happy Birthday, Duchesse!

I'm just guessing here, but the pearls were for you. ;-) Lovely gifts, all.
NancyDaQ said…
Oh yes, Happy Birthday to you and your sons!
Frugal Scholar said…
Looks like your whole family is gifted with gifts. What wonderful presents. Happy birthday to all.
s. said…
Happy, Happy, Happy birthday, Chere Duchesse and also to your handsome sons. It sounds as tho' you had a glorious celebration together (and with the Duc)!
mette said…
A Happy Birthday to all of you. I agree with Deja, pearls!
The Tahitian pearls look divine...I can see those with a crisp white shirt with the collar up... swooning from here!

Happy belated birthday.
J.W. said…
Happy Birthday!

Oh, such beautiful pearls!
dana said…
Re. the gifts, I've NO IDEA! Ha. Lovely all. Bon anniversaire!
Could "The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet" be destined for the twin who is interested in a Naval career?

My sympathies with whomever had hid or her bicycle stolen - do to replacement cheque think this is one of the twins, though hope the whole familiy own bicycles.

Les perles ... rather evident. Pearls do seem "feminine" somehow, though I'm sure men have worn them in various cultures.
Duchesse said…
Everyone: perhaps I gave you too many items to guess :)

Yes, the pearls are mine.
Duchesse said…
lagatta: Everyone has a bike save me. We live right on the streetcar line. "Jacob de Zoet" was my friend Carolyn's gift to me, I love David Mitchell. And the entire family will read it.

The pearls are mine and I should mention Red Sofa's at and a few things for sale on on etsy.
s. said…
Medium Raw for your son the chef?
Duchesse said…
S.: Yes, for him- and several of us are Tony fans. We saw him speak here, very funny and articulate. (And he's at Massey Hall Sept. 22!)
Tiffany said…
Happy birthday - books, jewellery and food - what more could you want?!
materfamilias said…
While it's easy to discern some obvious matches here between gifts and recipients, also obvious is the compatibility among your family members in that many of you could enjoy each other's gifts -- you seem to share a love of good books and good food, for example, and all have great taste, sartorially, although the men's may not extend to pearls.
When you mention the Drake Rooftop, I think of our wonderful visit there and hope there will be another such occasion in the future.
Enjoy the rest of your Birthday Week! (you deserve a whole week, no?)
LPC said…
Happy birthday! And I hope the boys didn't fight too hard over who got the pearls:).

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