Opening the heart

This past summer I spent a week at a small retreat centre in northwestern New York in silence and conversation, music and dance. We walked labyrinths, communed with nature, danced and sang.

With all the day-to-day obligations and distractions, I can easily forget to open and nourish the heart, not just toward those I love, but to all life.

What nourishes the heart? Awaking at dawn to a flock of geese honking overhead. Slowing for a hour to watch mist wind between mountains. And surrendering the "I" to the divine, as each experiences it.

"What Was Said to the Rose", written by Rumi and read here by Coleman Barks, was recited by one of the women during an evening of dance and poetry. I have returned to these words since then, and wanted to share this reading.


LPC said...

I have wanted to go to a retreat at Esalen in Big Sur for ages. I make do with conversations with my Burning Man attending psychotherapist brother:). I hope you feel full of joy after your workshop.

materfamilias said...

A fine reminder, Duchesse. I find it much easier to slow down and look around at the world's beauty when I'm not in the city, altho' there's beauty there as well, of course. Just simpler when the distractions are out of the way. . .

diverchic said...

So lovely! Thank you for slowing and illuminating my day.

Mette Maria said...
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metscan said...

Stopping, listening and enjoying. A goal too far for me yet. Living on the countryside surrounded by wildlife, along with our own house of animals, a strong part of me is still urban, a part has to do with my own childhood. I´m working on this.

sanjeet said...
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