Jewellery renos: Gorgeous greens times three

In today's window, three reno projects, in fresh greens.

Peridots: One more stone to make Laura's earrings

Reader Laura J. restyled of a pair of small studs, and a larger peridot from a ring that was a gift from her husband, but that she didn't wear often, because it sat high on her hand.

Laura knew to whom to take her peridots: FireWorks Gallery of Halifax, N.S. She is a longtime customer, because of their well-made pieces and the house style, which they describe as "conservative elegance".

Laura chose the silver setting. The proportions of the stones work beautifully for the design and the jeweller perfectly matched the cut and size of the original large peridot. This is a simple design that has to be executed perfectly because the stones are the whole show.

I'm so glad to have her example, because many women think a reno must be a very modern piece; in fact it can be classic, contemporary, avant-garde, or a specific antique or vintage style.

(Sidebar: There is much confusion on how to pronounce 'peridot': whether to rhyme with "Camelot" or "Cuppa Joe". I lean toward the Camelot, but either way these are spectacular stones when as lively as Laura's.)

Emeralds: Restyling a family heirloom into three new pieces

A client brought her inherited diamond and emerald necklace (as well as a strand of pearls) to Montréal jeweller Pilar Agueci. Pilar said, "Our ultimate objective was to preserve the essence of the original jewellery. The necklaces have long histories, representing seminal women in Sarah's life. We wanted their stories to live on as the new pieces will one day be passed down to Sarah's daughters."

Below, the original piece, charming but quite formal and not likely to be worn much by the current owner. The emeralds were chosen by Sarah's maternal grandmother when she visited a mine in Brazil in the '70s; the diamonds were a gift from her mother; the necklace was designed by her and her French jeweller.

Three emeralds became a ring; the largest diamond bow was styled as a cocktail ring; the smaller bows, a pair of earrings. The two remaining emeralds were kept to make rings for Sarah's daughters when they are old enough.

They wanted to keep the bow motif; as Pilar says, "(These are) a nod to Sarah's grandmother's love of "bijoux fantaisies". (The ring's) position on the index finger and its glittering diamonds bestow power upon the feminine bow design."

Tiny stones, big splash

You don't big stones to create a gorgeous new piece, especially in the hands of a stellar designer. Pam Chandler and her partner Don Collins of Artwork Gallery, Toronto, are always at the top of my list.

A client brought Pam many tiny emeralds, rubies and sapphires assembled from her old jewellery.

Voilà, a bowl ring with the stones pavéd in blackened gold—a cool, current, wearable piece.

I have also seen this ring in diamond pavé, and in silver set with various hues of citrine, and each time I want to wear it out of the shop!

From peridot to emerald, the only requirement for their renos was that these women had good stones that they were not wearing. Nothing to reno, but longing for green?

Green tourmaline slice and peridot pendant (detail shown) by Margaret Solow; price $US 435 at Twist.

And a pearly PS: Pearl lovers, Kojima Company's spring sale is on, with loads of luscious pieces on sale at 18% off!


Ms. Liz said…
All the renos are exquisite. I am inspired to do the same to my late mother's engagement ring as right now it is languishing in my jewellery box. I need to find a jeweller in my Mississauga area that can do inspiring work like you have shared with us today. Thank you.
Duchesse said…
Ms Liz: I lived in Toronto for over 30 years. If you want inspiring work, I suggest you visit Artwork Gallery, I think they are world class. At least take your eye there :). And then please show us the before and after!
LauraH said…
What a terrific post! favourite. Love the intense peridot earrings and the beautiful bows and the glittering pave. Three amazing pieces. Thanks to all for sharing.
Mardel said…
Those renos are all lovely, but that ring....Oh my, that is stunning.
Ms. Liz said…
Thank You. I will check out Artwork Gallery. It sounds like they are definitely worth the trip into Toronto!

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