At the market: The things they carried

At the market, everyone ends up with something in hand; those who anticipate a big shop bring carts, perhaps for bushels of superb tomatoes. But they also carry identities, some evident, some more opaque.

Clockwise from top left:
1. The young woman in a charming striped sundress and a back full of ink.
2. Handling a big shop with a sturdy straw trimmed in handsome leather.
3. I'm carrying glads home!
4. Some women can really carry a hat! I loved the ombré shading, from palest green to lime; the rest of her outfit was impeccably white.

 Many shoppers move through the market carrying the delicacies offered there... till eaten!

Left: A young man hauling his contrabass, nearly bigger than he is.
Upper right: ...while eating a tart!
Lower right: They start young; one of our grandson Émile's first words was "nata".

We carry signals of our tribe, secular or religious; every day, paths cross.
Left: a young man in a Canadiens hat; in the background, a woman in a hijab.
Right: Father and son walk home from Shabbat service, past a helmeted cyclist. I recall the sweetness of walking with a boy who held my hand.

In summer, we also carry ourselves differently, no longer braced against icy wind. You can see the pure enjoyment, the ease.

Left: Young parents often look fatigued; it's a pleasure to see a relaxed and vivacious mother.
Centre: Warmth from a plant-seller.
Right: Smiling dogs are one of life's joys! (Cats smile too, but never for the camera.)

Markets make me happy, every time, no matter where.  What is it: the colour, the vitality, the promise of seasonal, home-cooked dishes?  There's an entirely different mood than in a supermarket, though I have my favourite little neighborhood superette too.


Jane in London said…
Oh, I really love your sunglasses. The frames are perfect for your face shape and your colouring. And the blog is also looking very stylish indeed!

Your blogpost moved my posterior into gear, onto my bicycle and the short hop to Marché Jean-Talon. Yesterday I saw that young man on the bicycle lane in my street - or rather, a large bass cycling along on short human legs. The young musician is also balancing on his bicycle, quite a feat.

My cat mostly smiles into the sun, purring, her green eyes closed or almost so.
Laura J said…
Saturday is farmers market day—usually two markets coffee with friends; so wonderful to talk with market friends and watch the seasons unfold...
LauraH said…
Love the range of people you see at a market. I'm very fortunate to have a small weekly market just down the street from spring til fall. Wonderful veggies and fruit, baked goods and various prepared food. Many neighbourhood families come to shop and dine as the market is open until 7:00 p.m.

And don't those rich red glads go beautifully with your black and white:-)
Wendy said…
Are those pics from Marche Jean-Talon? That market is one of my favorite memories of a trip to Montreal a few years ago. My husband and I still talk about the enormous leeks we saw there! The best part though, may have been the bakery/deli on-site. We wished we’d rented a place with a kitchen! Thanks for refreshing those great memories.
Duchesse said…
Wendy: Yes, it is! We have just had friends arrive for two weeks; their requirement was renting an Air BnB within a short walk of the market.

Jane: Thanks, I have gone to a cleaner layout but everything is still there, just collapsed into a menu.

Laura Jantek: That is absolutely my favourite thing to do!

lagatta: Balancing, too- I'd like to see that. I have never been able to ride no-hands.

LauraH: Even a small market is satisfying and fun; do you ever go to the Brickworks?

A friend and I just made a trip to the St. Lawrence Market last Friday - we had lunch, a nice wander as neither of us had been there in a while and then we each bought some good cheese and pate and sausages for our suppers! It was a lovely day out and yes, we also did some people watching. There are still a lot of tourists in town so it's always fun to hear their reactions and we were even able to offer some directions to two women from Hong Kong.
Madame Là-bas said…
I really enjoy markets. I'm in Paris right now and we will be looking for a few different markets to visit. Your glads are lovely!
Madame Là-bas, Here is a list of food and speciality markets in Paris - in several languages!

I love markets too.
Frugal Scholar said…
Your post brought back so many memories of Montreal, the market, and, of course, you. We were in Portugal last summer and went from bakery to bakery, sampling the natals. We also spent a lot of time in Portugal and Paris looking at glasses (my daughter has pretty much given up contacts). She was especially enamored of the frames of Caroline Abram. And she loves your frames!
JohnInWI said…
Welcome back, where has the summer gone? September already! My sons are both back in Montreal. They stumbled upon an Afro-Caribbean festival in Little Burgundy. Youngest son discovered he loves Caribbean music and baguettes from the Atwater Market! -Lily
materfamilias said…
Such a delightful post -- I need another visit to Montreal! (closest I've been lately is texting a very homesick niece, just settling in at Queen's). I was delighted your written description confirmed my guess that might be your grandson -- he looks so much like your sons and like his grand-père. . .
Martina said…
So glad you’re back...I look forward to your delightful (and so well written) posts!

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