Good stuff! A hodgepodge of resources

Today, the Passage's windows are dressed with items I discovered over the summer.

1. The MedicalID feature on the iPhone

People put emergency contact info on their phones, but what if your phone is locked, and you're not able to access it? Click here for instructions for using the feature with iPhone 8, or a hack for iPhone 7; on another site, iPhone 6 and 7 instructions are here.

I learned about this from our Mac doc, Dave Rahman of TechnoMinds. Check out David's other TechTips; there's other cool iPhone info such as how to decrease data usage (which if you live in Canada is important.)

2. On-demand transit, with service and support for seniors

At the other end of the tech-savvy scale is a service for persons who do not have a smart phone, but want to use Lyft or Uber: GoGo Grandparent. Available in 50 US States and Canada, the service allows seniors or anyone housebound to get around safely, using the ride services with a plain old phone.

Why not just call a cab? GoGo offers more services, such as notifications to GoGo Grandkids or other family members, or the ability to schedule transit for recurring appointments. Up to four other passengers ride (from the same location) at no additional cost.They're adding a grocery delivery feature. My neighbour Toni uses it for her 92-year-old mother and says it makes a world of difference to her autonomy and enjoyment, and she does not have to do nearly as much running around.

A new feature added in Sept. allows riders to use it without entering any info on a phone keypad, which is useful for visually impaired persons.

3. Daily crossword: fun on the fly

The Washington Post's is just right for me, you may prefer harder ones! Play online or print.

4. Chic shoes for problem feet, by post

Jeanne has bunions, and always bemoans the shoe choices on offer, but when we met over the summer, she had divine sandals that fit her two different-sized feet like a dream—and so pretty! Etsy seller KatzandBirds make sandals, oxfords and boots in beautiful colours, and adapt these for various needs. The focus is firmly on flat (but not wafer-thin) or very low heels—shoes you can walk around in all day.

Shoe prices are in the $250-$350 range. The owner, in Tel Aviv, states that there is no duty on US orders under $800 and Canadian orders under $200. I am longing to try a pair!

Any discoveries to add? Please do; we can't use what we don't know about.


The STM (Société de transports de Montréal) assures adapted transport for disabled people (which can include frail seniors)and relies more and more on adapted taxis. The special buses seem reserved now for people who are very seriously disabled and need a ramp and other specific features. The taxi transport is much more efficient than the former system.

A ride costs exactly the same as it does to take the métro or bus. Children, full-time students of any age and people 65 or over are eligible for reduced rates, as in the regular system.

Visitors who use wheelchairs are also eligible; please check the criteria.
English version:

A neighbour who is disabled is very happy with the new system, which allows him to go swimming at the YMCA every morning and use transport for other appointments and visits. And the taxi drivers, who he has got to know, are very helpful.
Leslie M said…
This was found on Une Femme's blog, but I love it. It is a cloth-free eye glasses cleaner.
Peeps allow you to remove smudges from glasses without handling messy cloths or worrying about lotion on your hands. It is a fabulous, easy product. I have one on my current trip to Portugal and Spain and it s compact enough for my small cross-body bag.

I'll look into your apps; I could use data saving!
Duchesse said…
lagatta: Thank you, Municipal disabled transport is available in many cities, and is a good place to start, because it is usually subsidized. GoGo Grandparent offers some different services, and for those who would not qualify as disabled, but need a hand or want the convenience.

Lesie: I see you get 500 cleans, want this!
Unknown said…
Any less pricey suggestions for bunion shoes?
Duchesse said…
Kira McGarrett: See this post:
Bunion-accommodating shoes that actually look good tend to be pricey. See this post:
Wendy said…
Check out the blog "Barking Dogs". The author reviews shoes and offers suggestions for various for foot issues. It's been a help for me and my problem feet!
Duchesse said…
Wendy: Thanks, that's a great resource even if you don't have particular food problems but just want to move about. I loved it.
LauraH said…
Love the Gogograndparents idea. I'll be checking into all your finds, I'm always happy to get a nugget of information that improves my life in some way.

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