Buying Jewelry on Amazon: Should you?

This post, originally published on Dec. 8, was intended for today, Dec. 10, so I'm re-publishing it on the correct date.

When I shop, I cast a squinty, wary eye on mass brands (including status ones) and vendors. But I would not cut off my ring finger to spite my hand, either, because such retailers sometimes offer very good prices.

Though I usually shop with artisanal and the vintage vendors, monster sellers are well worth a look for seasonal pieces, or for the replacement of a generic item, such as a chain from which you hang your great aunt's locket.

Amazon is not Twist, where I could pretty much close my eyes, point, and be happy—but bargains are tucked in there, especially via time-limited offers.

In the Passage's windows today: a sampling of what's offered by Amazon's UK site, which gives better service for international sales than the US, though not every vendor will ship to every country.  (Note: Prices do not include shipping or applicable taxes and duties.)

Hang on to your mocha, you might be surprised!

Solange Azagur-Partridge is a usually dizzingly-priced London designer, but she has put a particularly affordable piece on her country's site:

The Hot Lips ring is enamel on sterling silver, and comes in about six colours; price, £69, a mwaah! for a handful of rings that might have slipped into staid while you weren't looking. 

Normally I don't like cute, but I enjoy jewelry that reflects the season, and this pearl snowman with his onyx top hat made me smile. A layering piece for £15.49 including the 46cm silver chain: a steal. (There's an earring version too, but not for anyone over twenty.)

Diamond snowflakes are not limited to strictly winter when they're as abstract as Carissima's. A total of .81cts of pavé supplies a sparkly skiff of snow on 9ct yellow gold flakes Price, £131.

Georg Jensen on Amazon? Yes, and well-priced; this classic, chic Archive ring is £195:

So much for austere Danish good taste; I was gobsmacked by a stack of wild Bijoux Famille bangles, printed leather on gold plate. Money talks, for £145.

Why else use Amazon? If others shop for you, you can post pieces you like to your Wishlist. I'd slide Lizzie Fortunato's pearl and iolite Oasis earrings between my books; price, £269.

I have sidestepped what I can't assess online (diamonds and some coloured gems), the overpriced and overexposed build-a-charm bracelets, the twee bridesmaid gifts. The pearls did not entice, and I gave costume a miss—be my guest, if you have spare time. 

But neither will I make the site a one time visit; serious specials, specific delivery dates and, amid a sea of so-so pieces, some unexpected glamour make Amazon if not a rival for the best online jewelry sources, not one to dismiss, either. 


LauraH said…
Love those snowflake earrings and I'm not usually a diamond person. Thanks again for sharing your jewellery hunt and your expertise, it's fun to take a trip through Amazon with such a great guide.
LauraH said…
Just saw the re-post, I wondered if something unplanned had happened. Still love those snowflake earrings, maybe I should bite the bullet and get them even though I spent a lot of money travelling this year. Who knows, I might not see anything I like so much again. Decisions.
Hannah Jones said…
Love those earrings, perfect gift this Christmas..

Hannah Jones of Plateau Natura

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