September Sunday at the Market

Let's meet at the market! What are you making? We have an intoxicating fall bounty of peppers, squash, apples, and pots of mums big as wheelbarrows.

And of course we'll people-watch! The calendar says September 27, but the sun's still hot, 27C/80F. The sun-drenched dimanche brings out everything from small tank tops to jackets.

I shot her not just because she was beautiful, but also to show the lightest end of the continuum. The fall frost is coming, so she's enjoying warm weather while she can!

Others choose prints in darker hues as a harbinger of earlier sunsets, crisp evenings:

Men, women and children wear red as a transitional colour; not too summery, but bright. On father and son:

Below, at left, the season-spanner supreme: a white shirt (worn over cropped khakis) with a knit, striped scarf. (One does not remotely 'need' a scarf today, but here we wear them anyway.) Don't miss the red shoes!

She's in a simple tee and jeans, but her brilliant muffler makes her stand out:

On the other end of the continuum, some women head for black, even black stockings, perhaps to ward off a chill once the golden sun dips. Montréalers will watch the unusual 'red sun' eclipse later this evening.

A crocheted sweater looks so graceful—and a glance at her companion reminds us to pick up fresh baguettes.

 Do you enjoy oysters? So many varieties, to take home...

...or we could share a half-dozen at the bar, like this young couple:

What did we buy? Bottles of local cider, glowing like stained glass:

Wild mushrooms, for a risotto:

Whimsical painted gourds to please a neighbour's  five-year-old:

And apples! I chose Wolf Rivers, which Le Duc prefers for his delicious apple crumble tatin:

Fall shopping means heavy bags! Let's put them down for awhile, to bask in the late-afternoon sun and discuss what else to do with all those apples.   


It all looks so lovely - what a treat to be able to buy groceries in such an environment!
Susan B said…
Lovely market, and I always enjoy your shots of stylish Montréal denizens.
Duchesse said…
Janice and Pseu: This is Jean-Talon Market, by certain criteria the largest in North American, and at its peak of local late-summer harvest produce last weekend.
Susan said…
What a vibrant early fall market! I know you are enjoying being able to walk from your home to the market. I love seeing regular people out and about. Everyone dresses in an individual way. And, what were you wearing to the market Duchesse?
Duchesse said…
Susan: I was wearing blue straight-leg jeans, a turquoise-and-white-striped marinière, and red leather sneakers.
Madame Là-bas said…
I love markets! All of your shoppers have such individual senses of style. Is the market daily or only on week-ends?I haven't been to Montréal for many years but your photos of the locals are always enticing.
LauraH said…
Lovely post, I felt I was in the crowd, doing my shopping. We have a small local market in the parking lot of a church. It's so handy that I don't often go to the larger markets anymore. Those bottles of cider looked beautiful, shining in the sun. Enjoy!
Duchesse said…
Mme: That market, as well as another major market on the other side of the city(Atwater) are open every day of the year except Christmas Day. The summer market expands to the outdoor bays; the winter market occupies the same space, but is enclosed. Lining the market's perimeter (but not part of the market association) are various specialty grocers, butcher shops, bakeries, etc. and some restaurants.

We shop at Marché Jean-Talon daily. (We use a nearby small supermarket for items like TP and milk.

LauraH: I can't resist checking out a market, no matter the size. Besides the big ones, Montréal also has many neighbourhood "lot" markets such as you describe, some specialize in organic produce.

Mardel said…
Love market photos. You remind me, I need to go to mine this weekend after having missed it for a few weeks due to other obligations. Perhaps that is something I need to change -- the other obligations, not the market.
diverchic said…
You have such a great eye for beauty and fashion. Your tale of the market sounded so sunny and warm and delicious and rich.

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