Montréal women: Fall's first sightings

I'm so glad you're back! Let's go to the market and watch people, have a latte, catch up!

Still plenty of summery little dresses; she is wearing another trend, undercut short hair with a longer section wound in a topknot.

Hints of fall show up in the footwear. Cage sandals suit the post-flip flop but not yet shoe weather:

Some women are already into their boots; I liked her camo skirt, too:

A girl even wore boots with tights and legwarmers under her flippy denim:

And the scarf returns, if it ever went far. Note also the chic bob:

Another blue scarf and top, accessorized with a dot bag:

But the most arresting blue was on this nun, who paused to listen to a musician:

You hardly see full-length habits anymore. Hers had the most elegant pleating, which reminded me that Miuccia Prada said, "I'm always happiest when I dress almost like a nun."

Diverse and colourful as the bounty at the farmer's stalls, the women of Montréal don't show up in a predictable package!

Wonderful to see you again; now I'm off to make a piperade!


Kristien62 said…
So very lovely to see you've returned. What a short summer! I am so glad that scarf weather is returning-the humidity has kept me from adding too many layers. The lady with the bob looks wonderful-casual, but well put -together. What's a piperade?
I didn't want to be first, though I was up by 6 am.

I think the sister in blue is from a community on Castelnau, next to Sainte-Cécile church.

It is always bittersweet. Usually our weather in September is lovely, but of course there is the dread of what will come, especially in the wake of last winter. Guess we just have to live in the moment, as cats do. And wear scarves!

Kristien, the NYT article explains a piperade (which can also feature egg folded in) from the Basque country in northeastern Spain and southwestern France.
Maggie said…
So glad you're back!
Duchesse said…
Kristien: Please click on the link to see the recipe.

lagatta: Complaint about winter feels rather premature today, with the "feels like" temperature prediction for 35C!

Maggie: Thank you!
Duchesse said…
Kristien: Please click on the link to see the recipe.

lagatta: Complaint about winter feels rather premature today, with the "feels like" temperature prediction for 35C!

Maggie: Thank you!
Yes, it is a downright sultry day! Doing housework early.
une femme said…
Welcome back! Wonderful street style you've captured here. The people of Montreal dress with such flair.
LauraH said…
So nice to see your post this morning. I visited Montreal this summer and loved it. You've chosen a wonderful city!
Anonymous said…
Hooray, you're back!

The nun's habit is a stunner--I LOVE it. When I was a college freshman, I overheard this conversation between my roommate-- sweet, brilliant, and a devoted Catholic--and the slightly ditsy girl she was tutoring in Math:

Roommate: "Actually, I once considered becoming a nun."
Student: (shivering) "Ugh."
Roommate: (laughing gently) "Oh, it's not the way it used to be, you know. They work out in the world, and they don't have to wear long habits and veils any more."
Student: (in genuine puzzlement) "But why be a nun if you don't even get to wear the outfit?"

Welcome back, Duchesse!

LPC said…
Welcome back! Who knew nuns got such great tailoring as part of the deal:)?
frugalscholar said…
Love the pics of the beautiful "real" women of your beautiful city.

I have a friend who is a nun. She's around 80, I think, and still working, as nuns do. She entered a New Orleans convent at 16. She said the nuns tended to die very young, in part because they had to work outside--tending the gardens and grounds and other heavy labor--in wool habits even in the summer.
Anonymous said…
Welcome back Duchesse! Heureuse de vous retrouver, I'd love to share that piperade with you but alas,.......

Duchesse said…
C.: My cousin is a nun; she coloured her hair and did not wear a habit. A much-lauded artist, St. A. specialized in textiles (banners, vestments) and glass windows. She lived in a house with other nuns and clergy, not all of her order (or even religion). A really boho nun! She now lives in a nun's retirement community and still gives art lessons at 80.
Welcome Back!
I am drawn to the style of the woman with the chic bob and the to see what is worn in Montreal.
Jean S said…
Good to see you back ... A vendor at the PDX market was selling a "piperade box" on Saturday (all the ingredients corralled together). You hipster, you!

And the nun reminds me of my mother shaking her head circa 1960, seeing the nuns of our Miami neighborhood in their full-on wool habits. At least they didn't have to work outside, but they were a teaching order and were on their feet all day....
Duchesse said…
Jean S: That's a puzzle as the only uncommon ingredient is the Espelette chili pepper... otherwise easy to find everything in any grocery or market. But it's cute, right?

frugal: I found this fascinating short report on life expectancy between genders and among nuns and monks:

Duchesse said…
Jean S: I well remember the fine wool habits of the sisters who taught me, and the sweat rolling down faces tightly framed in tight wimples. Same with the priests, who wore wool pants under full robes.
Anonymous said…
welcome back....looking forward to your posts again.
Cathy Wong
Northmoon said…
Welcome back, hope you had a great summer.

Love these street shots. How wonderful that our style interests include a beautifully pleated nun's habit! Variety is the spice of life indeed.

PS I can see wanting to get out the boots and scarves for a change, but the leg warmers over tights, really? After all there are still officially three weeks of summer left.
Duchesse said…
Northmoon: I thought so too, what my mother would call "pushing the season" for a 26C day! Some days like that, as the seasons turn, you see tank tops and little shorts and girls like her in tights, boots and a sweater!
They are predicting warmer this week than in the entire month of August. Yay!

Did you buy your piment d'Espelette at the "handsome Italian brothers"?
Anonymous said…
Welcome back! With so much askew in the world right now, it's wonderful to take a side trip in the delightful Passage. Love the Montreal street fashions and look forward to many more great posts this year.
Duchesse said…
lagatta: I bought "Piment Gorria/Type Espelette" at Epices & Olives.

But, I could stop in just to admire those brothers...

Anon@7:07: I will do more street photos this fall- but also post on topics other than fashion because they are of more interest to me.
Dr. V.O. said…
Welcome back ! - your return to Passage posting makes the official "end of summer" less traumatic. I hope you have ahd wonderful vacances. Love the view on Montreal fall looks; glad you'll do more style posts but also looking forward to the other topics you've got in mind. On the topic of style I'm wondering what you think of fall's ontinued elaborations of "normcore" looks (which you touched on in June) and the so-called "mom chic" that one sees at COS, Emerson Fry, and other hip brands. I find it interesting anthropologically b/c of it's play with generation-bending versus other kinds of boundary crossing. Anyway, glad you're back and I'll look forward to any and all themes you'll be exploring!
materfamilias said…
What an elegant and lively survey!I do love your city!
Swissy said…
Happy to see you back! Hope you read my post on your "last day" before les vacances.

Our village isn't so very far from Montreal, but a million miles away in style. Not to be unkind, because we live in farmland and the attire is appropriate.
Leslie said…
Oh, my, that piperade was good. No espellete, so used sweet smoky Spanish paprika and added a touch of cayenne.i follow you and one other blog. Keep supplying recipes like this and you'll be my one and only. :-)
Glad you are back.
Duchesse said…
Leslie: This is not a cooking/recipe blog but now and then I link to a recipe I like, or publish a favourite.
Beth said…
Welcome back! I especially enjoyed that view of the sister's beautifully designed, graceful habit. Boots and leggings...not so much, on a hot day like today, but we'll need them soon enough!

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