An exceptional Monday: St. Paddy's Day

On Monday, the Passage is usually closed, and on this Monday, I become "Bridget", one of the O'Malley Sisters, who always, always get a seat in a crowded pub, to drink a moderate amount of beer (not green) and belt out "Seven Old Ladies".

This year, one of my neighbours plays the other O'Malley sister, even if (yes, a wee bit suspicious) "Maureen" speaks French.

So, we beg you, colleens: the diminuitive of Patrick is Paddy. Today is not "St. Patty's Day", unless there is some long-forgotten woman saint named Patricia, who has pre-empted St. Patrick. Every year this error seems to increase.

Please take your lipstick or Sharpie and correct any errors. Fix that office e-mail while humming "Danny Boy". You might slip the "Paddy" into a conversation, should a colleague use the "double t's"— discreetly, of course.

If you'd like to pursue the finer points of St. Patrick's Day etiquette, you'll find a few more tips here.


PS. This is the sole post for this week. Yesterday, I was in a minor pedestrian/car accident. Due to muscle strain that doesn't like keyboards, I'm taking a few days off.  Obviously the arm that hoists the Guinness was not affected!


Funny, I was just going to pop in at the bag post to wish all “Lá fhéile Pádraig sona dhaoibh!” (The Gaelic form of Patrick explains why the diminutive is Paddy, not Patty).

Also a happy Renzo's 18th birthday -

I'm very sorry to hear about the collision - do hope you are okay. Oh, one always finds a way to hoist a beer.
LauraH said…
Hope you're feeling okay. Even a minor accident involving a car can be quite unnerving. Enjoy the pub!
Susan B said…
Oh, so sorry to hear about your accident. Hope you're feeling better soon. Enjoy the pub!!
LPC said…
Now that I would have to see!

Feel better soon. xox.
Gretchen said…
Oh, no, Bridget, I'm sorry to hear of your accident, and wish you a speedy recovery. I suspect that a few beers and a good exercise of the lungs singing may expedite the process. I've zero Irish in me, but thanks to my extensive Viking background, I have a red-headed daughter!
materfamilias said…
Happy Saint Paddy's today. Take care with that Guinness-hoisting harm. I do hope you heal quickly.
I hope your soon on the mend.
Happy St Patrick's Day!
Anonymous said…
Keep up the Guinness--a proven muscle relaxant and it may be just the thing. Heal fast and best wishes,
Eleanorjane said…
Oh dear, I hope you heal up quickly and that you have a lovely time tonight.
Mardel said…
Hope you are feeling better soon.
Frugal Scholar said…
I think you would love the St P parade in New Orleans. In addition to beads, flowers, and kisses, the marchers hand out cabbages, potatoes, and carrots!
Dr. V.O. said…
Happy St. Paddy's dear Duchesse Bridget, and I am sending very warm regards for a speedy recovery. Guinness is chock full of vitamins, so hoist away!
sisty said…
On behalf of my son Paddy (Padraic), I salute you! He loves his name but as you probably know "Paddy" was a generic derogatory term for Irish men in general. And it's the root of the term "paddy wagon" too.

Hope you are feeling better!
Vagabonde said…
Comme je n’ai pas l’occasion de parler ma langue natale ici (en Géorgie) une amie (américaine) a suggéré que je trouve les blogues avec un nom français au cas ou ils seraient bilingues, peut-être comme au Canada. Alors je fais la ronde des blogues avec un nom français, et vraiment il y en a des tas, mais jusqu’à maintenant ils sont tous en anglais, malheureusement! Et je vois que le votre est en anglais aussi. Peut-être vous habitez dans le Passage des Perles quelque part? Enfin j’ai écouté la chanson de Seamus, mais c’est un peu difficile à comprendre.
Philippa said…
Hope you are feeling better!
Duchesse said…
Vagabonde: You might enjoy Garance Doré's blog, written in English and French:

Philippa: Much improved, thank you.

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