The O'Malley Sisters say sláinte!

I celebrate St. Patrick's Day with full rights. Though of Irish heritage every day, today I am one half of the celebrated, charming O'Malley sisters.
Aka Grace O'Malley
The O'Malley sisters were created about a decade ago, when I realized that it's impossible to get a seat in a good Irish pub by late afternoon on March 17. But if two middle aged women introduce themselves as your O'Malley sisters, Grace and Bridget, they will never, ever be turned away. I'm always Grace, and any willing female friend plays her sister.

So today, off to Ceili Cottage for a jar with my friend Jane who is actually of Lebanese heritage but does a grand job of being Bridget.

When luck runs out

A lighthearted outing seems incongruous in light of the tragedy in Japan. So many venues are available for giving. And here is one more: the gracious and lovely Belle de Ville of Beladora has written to say:

" and will be donating a portion of all March sales to the Red Cross Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Relief Fund."

Tapadh leat (thank you), Belle. Here are a few glorious green ideas. 

Stacking enamel: tailored treat

From Beladora2: Hildago green enamel stacking rings, size 6 1/2. Price, $495.

Malachite heart

Show your heart: Vintage malachite heart pendant in many sumptuous greens on a twisted gold chain. Price, $295 from Beladora2.

Jade and pearl beauties

Vintage jade and mabe pearl earrings, set in 14k gold. Essence of chic. Price, $495 from Beladora.

Grace O'Malley: No weak sister

Grace O'Malley was a real woman, and what a woman: pirate, seafarer, trader and chieftain, a fascinating figure in Irish history. It is this woman of fire and adventure whom I honour when I request a seat, though Grace would have comandeered it.

If you've ever been tempted to visit the Emerald Isle, a company specializing in women's travel, WanderWoman, has a tour in her honour, "In Search of the Irish Pirate Queen, Grace O'Malley" on special till the end of today.

Strong woman of the island. We will see more of them in Japan, and may we help them with our resources, prayers and wishes.


Susan B said…
Happy St. Paddy's, Grace! The green gems are lovely.
Oh those O'Malley gals...they're up to their old tricks again!
What a fun and clever idea Duchesse!
I think that you and she should each have one of those green enamel rings...friendship rings!

Happy St. Paddy's Day!
Belle de Ville said…
Thank you Duchesse for your post.
May the O'Malley girls celebrate St. Patricks Day in style!
Rubiatonta said…
Today, I was delighted to succeed in convincing my Chinese and Korean students that they could be Irish for the day by just adding "O'" to their names.

"O'Zhang," "O'Cheng," and "O'Koh" have a lovely ring, don't they?

Happy St. Paddy's, dear Grace!
Erja Lipponen said…
Thanks! for mentioning our Grace O'Malley tour!!! Join us sometime!
Live, Laugh, & Travel!
materfamilias said…
London's streets were full of St. Paddy's day celebrations as we walked home last night -- many Guinness-inspired revelries spilling out of pubs on every corner. We did Italian last night, but stopped into O'Flynn's for a pint of Guinness today, and I toasted you when I picked it up. Hope you had a fun day.
Anonymous said…
I called my mother (Mary Kathleen, just so you know) who was feeling a bit low yesterday, and told her about the exploits of the charming O'Malley sisters. She giggled and said, "Now THAT sounds like fun!"

I celebrated with Irish tea and soda bread. When my husband asked what that "awful stuff" was, I explained that it was Irish scone, "You know--the nuns make it." "Oh," he said, "So that's why it tastes like a whack on the knuckles with a ruler."

Hope you & Bridget had a great evening!

itztru said…
So funny! I was thinking of THE Grace O'Malley from the start! After touring Ireland last August (and her very own museum in Louisburgh!), Grace became my new hero!

Both my husband and I are of Irish descent, but like Materfamilias, we celebrated at an Italian restaurant! Our favorite chef, Tony (Trattoria LaFesta, Stowe VT) cooks up a fantastic corned beef in Guinness and brown sugar that is served with spot on Irish brown soda bread home made by his co-owner Patty! MMmmm!
Duchesse said…
All: The sisters were joined by a neighbour and met other friends at the Cottage, where Irish dancing ensued. Then back to mine for a dram and Van Morrison. Splendid craic! Not naming names but a yoga teacher step dancing with her Bushmills is a sight to behold.

C.: Soda bread, an acquired taste. Add eggs and cream and you have a scone, all the difference!

Rubi: I would love to see an O'Zhang in one of those pint of Guinness hats!

ma: That's great, thanks!
Duchesse said…
itztru: That sounds fantastic, an elegant way to celebrate! We had fresh trout and rice pilaf, squash and grilled fennel for the sisters and another friend. Not many meals left to cook on the Aga so taking advantage of the opportunity.
Wow!. Interesting post. A ( Canadian/Irish) friend of mine has been working on a screenplay on Grace O'Malley.
Here is a courageous woman of the Islands from my bicycle sites:

An 83-year-old woman (in remarkable shape) who escaped the tsunami on her bicycle!

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