Do ya think I'm sexy? Oh. Then how about dinner?

On June 23, The Globe and Mail published the results of a recent Ipsos/Reed study on how 24 other countries view Canadians.

In response to the statement, "Canadians are sexy", a scant 39% of the French agreed.

But in response to the statement, "Canadians are someone I'd invite into my home for a meal", whoa! 94% of the French are willing to tie the feed bag on a Canadian.

Does this mean we're desirable to bring home for dinner because we're not very sexy? "Oh, don't worry dear, he's just a Canadian", says the French wife as Ryan Reynolds tucks into her blanquette de veau.

The French are at the top of the list of 24 countries for those who find us polite: 95%! Do they figure they can watch us do the dishes?

Whom do the French think is sexy? Study doesn't say, but I suspect it's the Argentinians, all flowy hair, tangas and polo ponies, but we paid for this poll, let them buy their own worship.

71% of Indians think we're sexy–the highest rating we got–which will not surprise if you've ever been "Eve-baited" in Mumbai. But only 32% of Swedes think so, which is probably because they are busy ogling the world's hottest people, i.e., other Swedes.

Way more Americans than French find us sexy, 50%, but this is low because most Americans can't tell the difference between Canadians and Americans, especially late at night in a bar. And we are too polite (87% of Americans think so) to correct them.

In the cellar for the ratings–sexy (32%), polite (57%) and would welcome for a meal (56%)–are the Japanese. Go figure, when every third restaurant here is a sushi bar. It's alarming that they find us unappealing, and let's face it, they are so polite themselves that their real rating is likely far lower. "Canadian" is probably Japanese slang for "not if she was the last woman on the planet."

Meanwhile, given that the average rating for sexy is only a pallid 53 percent, we have some work to do. Boycott Tilley hats and show the world a little somethin'.

Foreign affairs indeed.


mette said…
I don´t know why these "studies" are made. Surely the money spent on them could have been used for something of importance. This news is old news already tomorrow.
Susan B said…
Très amusant, but my, the things on which people will commission studies...
Duchesse said…
metscan and Pseu: The study was commissioned by an independent institute (Historica-Dominion) whose mandate includes the study of Canadian identity. (Yes, we do have one). It also included questions about other countries' perception of our racial tolerance, quality of life, attitude toward immigrants and environmental responsibility.
I guess people just enjoy a bit of fluff in what is known as the "silly season" for news, though actually the G20 and G8 summits are coming up in Ontario, and causing a lot of headaches for people I know in Toronto - Duchesse, I believe you live downtown, so that will be a pain.

Today is St-Jean-Baptiste, La Fête nationale du Québec. Everything closed. Big celebrations I avoid, and small neighbourhood ones that can be fun. Actually, French people have a lot of contact with French-speaking Canadians such as Québécois and Acadians, as there is a lot of travel back and forth and many exchange programmes. They may not think we are sexy, but they often marry us, go figure.

Yes, I've met many hot Argies, including fellows of an age more suitable for this blog than the lad in the pic. Yummy, though I fear that even the most progressive of them in terms of voicing support for women's rights could revert to macho ways.

And now for the real issue, Duchesse: what kind of summer hats do you advocate in lieu of those ghastly Tilleys? Very important to propose solutions for MEN as well as women.

Tilleys have one great advantage: they fit almost every head. I have a large head and still have a lot of hair, though obviously less than I had when 20. Most sunhats I see in shops and department stores simply don't fit me - they sit atop my head like those bowlers Indigenous Andean women wear as part of their costume.

They have become part of postmen's/postwomen's summer uniform here - I think they look fine as a uniform, functional and all, but a passion-killer on otherwise fit and attractive Canadians of a certain age.
Belle de Ville said…
Ah, we love our neighbors to the north! And I'll take Ryan Reynolds over any man from Sweden, France or Argentina, any day.
Duchesse said…
lagatta: With a large head (I have one too) we have to keep trying on hats. I saw rather open-weave straws at The Bay which were large enough, neutral and reasonably priced. Just bought one of those paper parasols in Chinatown, which I will use at outdoor events like the upcoming Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition. Cooler than a hat for all day.

Men? What is more dashing than a fine straw Panama or fedora- or any other "real hat" shape? I see even young men in them, and they are so much cooler than ball caps. Le Duc has these, and one fine Panama from a yard sale that fits me, too. (Tilleys seem to be affected by well into middle aged men, the kind who wear socks with sandals.)

Happy St-Jean-Baptiste!

I live near the major "confinement area", the film studio district enclosed by a storm fence. G20 security is disconcerting but stranger was the earthquake yesterday, which rattled the house for 7 seconds.
Anonymous said…
This is a bit of TMI, but in the interest of research... I held on to my virginity through my early 20s - until a sweet, handsome & very polite Canadian guy I met while traveling made sex seem fun rather than scary. Not all of us are looking for sex symbols who "keep all their goods in the shop window" - some of us appreciate & notice a bit of subtlty and graciousness.
Perhaps the modest percentages of those who appreciate Canadians indicate how modest are the numbers of those who are worthy of them. :)
(FYI: I'm American)
Anonymous said…
Oops - I meant "subtlety" (am a bit too dependent on spellcheck these days)
Duchesse said…
Anonymous: Your anecdote reminds me of two French daughters of friends, who visited in their late teens and eventually became Canadian citizens. They say they love how respectful Canadian men are. (Of course this is a generalization.) Glad you had a positive experience. I too am American- immigrated to Canada over 30 years ago.
s. said…
I don't own a Tilley hat but I know many Canadians who do; they appreciate the fact it can be folded and stuffed in suitcases and handbags, and can be thrown in the washing machine when dirty. We (anglo) Canadians are nothing if not practical!

As for being sexy: pffft! A strutting Spaniard or buff Brazilian might be fun for an ogle, but day-in-day-out sex appeal stems from qualities like kindness and humour... which Canadians possess in spades.
Duchesse said…
s.: Tilley hats are dorky. If one is in the middle of the bush, who cares, but I see them in downtown cities at the theatre, etc. and I loathe them, and loathe them equally on both sexes. Come to think of it, they are dorky in the bush; Indiana Jones did not wear a Tilley hat.

Apparently the respondents to the survey do not know us well or long enough to sense our superb appeal.
Northmoon said…
I'm afraid it's part of the Candian identity to worry about what other countries think about the 'Canadian identity'!

Speaking of hats and the G20, I work next to the secure zone, and I would love to get one of those sexy baseball caps all the police are wearing. Do you suppose they sell them or would I have to steal one? (The riot helmets are not so cute.)
Unknown said…
Hilarious. I live reasonably near the border and am happily married to a sweet, respectful, nerdy and progressive child of Canadian citizens who moved to the US.

I'm quite fond of my Canadian family and friends - there can be a streak of, I don't know, boorishness and close-mindedness in some Americans that I don't find in our neighbors to the North (though perhaps I've missed the bad ones).

I am also a long-time Tilley hat owner and user - but only for hikes in state and national parks, at alumni camp, etc. They are dorky but so useful (and can be washed!). I was recently elated to find one for $3 - apparently brand new and very crisp - at an estate sale, and think that it and my current old, soft and battered one should do me for the rest of my life.
Duchesse said…
Northmoon: maybe a hat will show up on Ebay one the summit is over?

Artful: "Apparently brand new and very crisp- at an estate sale" says it all, doesn't it?
Rubiatonta said…
I bought a Tilley hat for sailing, but can't stand it! Stiff as a board and ugly as sin.

Since my paternal Grandmother was a designer for one of Southern California's poshest milliners, I have an opinion on hats, of course.

For keeping the sun off (a serious matter when you're fair and have a family history of skin cancer, like me), I much prefer a Tula hat -- they have a really high SPF, are quite attractive, and many styles come in sizes. Oh, and they retail for about $30 US.

As for Canadians, I've had a couple of beaux from the Great North, and I didn't have any quibbles on the sexy or politeness issues. (And they didn't wear Tilleys, either. Though one was a bit too fond of his Eton Old Boy blazer for my taste.)
Rubiatonta said…
P.S. I never met a man who didn't look good in a wide-brimmed cricket hat, either.
Duchesse said…
Ribiatonto: Thank you for mentioning Tula; Tula's handwoven palm hats are wonderful and so cool to wear, as are Helen Kaminski's raffias. When I need a foldable, washable hat (for instance, on a salilboat) I use a Gap demin one. Two or three have landed in the water over the years but easy to replace. Tilley hats, like Crocs, are not going to be in my world.
darwin said…
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Duchesse said…
Darwin: Comments to links to commercial web sites are removed.

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