Montréal, Easter weekend

At the market, Easter weekend. We go to get fat artichokes, live crabs, maybe a pot of hydrangea—and of course, to people-watch. The mood is buoyant, the shopping perhaps a bit extravagant; the first long holiday weekend  of the year does that.

A young woman in striped pants, green shell, and a smile as brilliant as the day:

Nearby, a different green palette, khaki, a striped shirt and a floral scarf combining greens and earth tones:

One of my favourites is mint, a colour you don't see often in a coat!

The first florals are out: soft-shell pants on an expressive platinum blonde:

Her vibrant scarf caught my eye; what an effortless way to bring a grey sweater into spring. A closer look shows why; it is a museum scarf from a Picasso exhibition. We both wanted one!

Another touch of grey, a wool flannel blazer with elbow patches, accessorized by a red bundle buggy:

Scarves makes sense when the early morning is still chill, the mid-day mild. (But monsieur et madame will wear them when it's full summer, too; welcome to Montréal).

We admired her meltingly soft, straw-coloured leather jacket, such a welcome sight after the blacks of winter, and worn beautifully, with a slash of poppy lipstick:

The market makes us hungry every time! You mention ice cream; my head is turned by a couple about to enjoy a dozen oysters:

We bought a few blood oranges each, and talked about what to make with these edible jewels. A blood orange tart with cardamom pastry cream would show them off.

Our first outing after a long winter; thanks for coming along!


helen tilston said…
I love how your captured the colourful market of Montreal. I could feel the energy and want some of those oysters.
Enjoy your week
Such excellent photographs, and whimsical descriptions. You make me want to visit Montreal...
Susan said…
I enjoy your descriptions and your eye for detail.
Leslie M said…
Note to self: wear colorful scarf and a slash of bright lipstick while shopping. One never knows who might be watching.
You are a wonderful ambassador for Montreal.
Its like everyone came out of hibernation and added a splash of sunshine in their attire...
love the energy in this post!
Hostess, a rather erotic snippet from the late Leonard Cohen:

"They walk differently now, the young men and women of Montréal. ... Shoulders are thrown back, organs signal merrily through transparent underwear".

This is not to be taken literally; people don't dress like that now and certainly not in the early 1960s. But after the long, cold winter, every limb and organ shrouded...

I've read books from Russia and Scandinavian countries where the same sudden change occurs.

Duchess et Duc, bravi for the crab. I haven't eat any yet but will soon. Easter was ducky.
LauraH said…
Colourful scarves and lipstick seem made for each other, they each give a lift and together...dynamite. Love your street posts.
I haven't had any crab yet - did duck last weekend. A neighbour from le Bas du fleuve always does a crab boil this time of year - looking forward to that!

Nice to see some sartorial evidence of spring, as it is taking its sweet time. Of course on our one hot day there was a guy in swimming trunks and nothing else at Place Shamrock (the new "public square" just west of the market) but not much else.
materfamilias said…
Wonderful! Thank you for taking us along. . . .

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