Scarves: A sale of spring Hermès

I have several Hermès scarves (35 in./90cm silk twills) that are virtually unworn, and I'm offering them for sale here, for a limited time.

All are authentic and in excellent condition: clean, with plump hems, no spots, snags, or "sale" stamps. The care tags have been removed and the box is not included. More photos are available. 

If interested, send me an e-mail; the price is about half retail, with "La Rosée" more because of its rarity. Payment by PayPal. Shipping via Canada Post insured (about $25 in North America) in padded mailer or, if you wish, UPS at actual rate. There are several countries outside North America to which I regret that I cannot ship.

1. Ombrelles and Parapluies
The perfect jaunty spring scarf in a stunning colourway: vintage umbrellas and parasols in clear red, vibrant blues and greens against crisp white, worn by their charming owners and collected in an antique umbrella stand; by Hubert de Watrigant. Born to wear with navy.

Sold to J.!

2. Les Triplés 
For lovers of  Paris: three tykes (two boys, one girl) frolic amid the landmarks: Le Tour Eiffel, St.-Germain-des-Près, Les Jardins de Luxembourg, Notre Dame and more. In Hermès orange, soft yellow and leaf green, with a touch of grey. Playful, happy and perfect for informal outfits. "Les triplés" is a beloved French illustrated book series by Nicole Lambert, who designed the scarf.

Sold to C.!

3. La Rosée
One of the most sought-after of all Hermès' scarves, designed by Anne Gavarni: soft cream strewn with lush dew-drenched Indian roses in red, coral and yellow; pale taupe border. Romantic and graceful, the piece seems to glow from within.

Sold to K.!

4. Plaza del Toros
Toreadors and a "suit of lights" in the centre; corners of detailed passementerie; colourway is a vibrant ochre yellow with greens, robin's egg blue and touches of red, orange and black. A scarf that could absolutely be nothing but Hermès, it includes both warm and cool colours so is especially versatile. By H. de Watrigant.

Sold to F.!

These scarves are ideal for spring, but also multi-seasonal, so...? 


LauraH said…
Wow, these beautiful scarves made my morning, a welcome lift in the middle of this freak snowstorm we're having in Toronto. It must have been a big decision to let them go. Unfortunately, the big square isn't a shape that works for me. Bon chance!
Susan B said…
Those are stunning, Duchesse! I'm sure you'll have no trouble finding them new homes.
Yes, they are like an éclosion of spring flowers! LauraH, we are getting that snowstorm this evening, and I have to go hobnob at a launch of a project I worked on. Damn!

I'm sure they will be rehomed very soon. I love the triplets.
frugalscholar said…
Let me email my daughter for her advice--the first might work for me. All gorgeous.
I have La Rosee in pinks against aqua and pale green. It was my first Hermes scarf, bought in rue St. Honore. I must have tried on about five different scarves then this one and it just sang to me. Everytime I wear it, i get told how well I look, surely the mark of a great design. I could never part from it!
Oh you are going to make some people very happy!
Beth said…
Love that toreador print! And glad to see your sale was so successful!
Anonymous said…
Ah malheur! Caught your sale too late, all are extremely beautiful. Perhaps a repeat performance in the offing?

Duchesse said…
All: Thanks for your enthusiasm! I never dreamed there would be such a rapid response.

Constance: Maybe I will do so, in the fall.
diverchic said…
Scarves! My dear! I was sick for a couple weeks and missed this. I love even looking at them...

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