On with my coat and out the door!

I am taking a short trip and will be offline for this week; the next post is February 25.

No fuss: bag packed, coat on, cab hailed.

A good coat is indispensable, and so is a break!

All photos by Scott Schuman, retrieved from The Sartorialist.


Have a good trip whatever its purpose. I remain very fond of duffles, but also very much like the navy coat and pink stocking cap on the third lady.

If that feline-fur coat is real, though, I'd give it a proper burial.
Duchesse said…
lagatta: I've packed my swimsuit! The woman you admire is Renata Molho.
Duchesse said…
lagatta: I've packed my swimsuit! The woman you admire is Renata Molho.
materfamilias said…
Have a lovely time away! I'm feeling like a break myself at the moment, but to escape that cold (I'm imagining that swimsuit getting some sunshine) will be marvelous for you during your long, tough winter.
LPC said…
Enjoy! We'll miss you! And I too suddenly want a pink hat like that:).
Anonymous said…
Bon Voyage, Duchesse!

LauraH said…
Hope that swimsuit means some fun in the sun, and a welcome break in the middle of this endless winter. Enjoy!
Yes, have a splendid time and sunny warmth. Didn't say that at first as a short trip could be for duty, such as a funeral, or some family obligation.

LPC, much as I admire her pink knit cap, it isn't for me; I'm not a pink fan. I want one of these real basque bérets in burgundy or grey (a large, 13-inch one) but a friend and I have to get round to ordering them. http://home.avvanta.com/~rgphoto/2004/basqueberet.htm

I do hope Duchesse's trip is as romantic as her wonderful Valentine's post!
Bon voyage!
Love that duffle coat as it looks so great on that attractive woman. Hope you are going somewhere warm where you can frolic in the sun.
Kristien62 said…
A midwinter break is soul-restoring, especially when you live in the frozen Northeast. This weekend I had an unexpected stay in Boston which resulted in a lovely Valentine's Day dinner with my son and his fiancée and an excursion to the Boston Wine Expo which was delightful. Came home recharged and ready to wait out the last few weeks of winter.

Have a wonderful trip.
Madame Là-bas said…
Have a good sunshine break! My favourite is the duffle.
Eleanorjane said…
Yes to both coats and breaks! I'm lucky to have both (well, a break coming up very soon, anyway).
RoseAG said…
Love the pink cap!

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