Matthias Ostermann: More serendipity and a rare opportunity

Last spring, I posted on the enormous surprise of finding several pieces offered for sale in a gallery; I instantly recognized them as made by the late, renowned ceramicist Matthias Ostermann

I was moved to tears to find the exact tile I'd had to leave behind when we moved from Toronto, installed in the walls of one room.

Wait, it gets better. The original owner, D., found my post while searching for images of his work, and the gallery manager confirmed that I was the buyer.

D. contacted me to say she has other pieces for sale; she has decided to sell her collection as part of a retirement downsizing. I chose four soup bowls. Here we are, each holding one.

She is selling several Ostermann serving plates, which also look beautiful hung. His work is part of the permanent collection at London's Victoria & Albert Museum and, as I keep saying, there simply will not be more. The plates have never been used.

If interested, send me an e-mail (see bottom of right-side menu bar) and I'll put you in touch with D. Prices range from $65-$125.  

I was delighted to meet D., an ebullient, charming bonne vivante who is an art collector and herself a potter. How wonderfully the world brings us people!

These events have been like a potter's wheel, each turn bringing a discovery, a gift. I only wish the gracious, kind Mathias Ostermann could witness how we continue to cherish his work.


Susan B said…
What gorgeous work! I love your bowls too, such vibrant colors.
LPC said…
Happy you have found these. Also, great picture of you.
LauraH said…
There is something so very special about hand made pottery. What a wonderful find for you. Just the thing to brighten this end-of-winter season.
Swissy said…
Yes, a lovely photo of you. And the bowls and platters fit you exactly! Or at least, as I picture you. I have a similar feeling about the work of a particularly delicate and subtle potter from mid-century scandinavia. I recently discovered a piece on line and it brought back a rush of memories.
Lane said…
How wonderful to find these objects so meaningful to you. Now you will have soup in them, no?
materfamilias said…
What a lovely turn of the wheel ha brought the two of you together -- and added to your Ostermann collection. I suspect those remaining pieces will soon find a new home that treasures them -- they're wonderful!
Susan said…
These are beautiful. And you look great in the photo!

I love handmade pottery. We have several pieces that we regularly use.
Anonymous said…
It's wonderful when the lives of objects--especially those made by a gifted hand--entwine so meaningfully with our own.

Aren't you even a little tempted by those gorgeous fruit plates? I know that you are keeping your new home very uncluttered, but their beauty would really glow in spare surroundings...

Duchesse said…
Pseu; They are also useful as small serving bowls.

LPC: Thanks!

LauraH: I was so grateful D. contacted me.

Swissy: Yes, they are "me", and I would like to see the pottery to which you refer, too.

Lane: Yes, and I enjoy seeing them every day when I open the cupboard.

materfamilias: Have only one platter, two small tiles and now the bowls, perhaps a tiny collection.

Susan: I used to have quite bit of handmade pottery but believe in using it so ultimately it broke.

C.: That's my dilemma, really do not want to live with more than we need- but I would indeed enjoy more.
Swissy said…
I don't have a digital camera, if you can believe it. I've tried so hard to pare down that I actually have serious gaps. I may borrow one and give it a try. The pottery I refer to is by Saxbo, Denmark, purchased at Bonnier's in the early '60's. It looks almost Japanese.
Gretchen said…
I love how colorful those ceramics are. Even more, how wonderful to have met someone who shared your love for this artist, building a bridge that art so readily supports! And, on a completely superficial note, that is one gorgeous sweater you're sporting there, Duchesse.
Duchesse said…
Swissy: Oh, Saxbo is marvelous! Some comuters have cameras built in :)

Gretchen: Thank you, it's Eric Bompard from at least 7-8 yrs ago.

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