Pick of pretty pearls on sale

Two pearl posts in a row, a record! That's because some stellar sales are on for a limited time.

"Inception": more than a movie

This "Inception" Chinese freshwater pearl (CFWP) necklace above was created by implanting a pearl as the nucleus for culturing, rather than a piece of tissue or a bead. But what's most significant is the range of natural colours with their rich metallic iridescent lustre.

A funkier pearl than you usually see from Pearl Paradise; price, $234 for the 16 or 18-inch necklace of lavish 12-15mm gems.

For a $30 supplement, you can choose a 20-inch strand. (I'ld contact them and ask for a strand with the most intense colour, or order two, one softer and the other more intense, and see which you prefer.)

Pearl Paradise have discounted the necklace 40%. I can't compare prices with my usual certainty, as this type of pearl is new to the market; however, given the generous size and the quality of the products I've seen from them, I'm calling it a terrific deal. (Also available as a triple-strand version.)

Elegant essence of classic pearl

For those who prefer a quiet glow and classic whites, the 7.5-8.0mm Freshadama pearl bracelet personifies grace. Freshadama is the best grade Pearl Paradise offer in freshwater pearls; they look like AA Akoyas (which cost five times as much.) Therefore, this 7.5-inch bracelet (price, $149.50; regularly $180) is a good buy!

An even better discount (35% off) is the present price for the 6.5-7mm version, $97.50, a terrific buy if you are petite or are giving it to someone under twenty-five or thirty. Otherwise, I'd spring for the larger size.

I don't love that clasp but it can be changed. A graceful gift for birthday (pearl is June's gemstone), graduation, or just to say "I love you, honeybunch". 

Tahitian temptation

Congratulate yourself for being a great mum, great aunt, friend or just fab all-around woman with Tahitian studs: besides the rockin' 9-10mm size, you get to chose the overtone (peacock, silver or green). Not such a remarkable reduction as the other pieces, but PP price was already excellent– and you'll like the heavy 14k posts and backs. Price, $316.20 (a 15% discount.)

The Pearl Paradise sale is on till May 14; use code PEARLS4MOM. (Note that some items might sell out before then.)

Luxe meets leather 

A casual, cool three-pearl leather choker of South Sea baroques delights women like my friend Suzanna who didn't think they were 'pearl types'. Price, $271 from PurePearls for the 18-inch length with three 10-11mm pearls; excellent value. The pearls are available in rose, silver or cream overtones. Oyster kiss to Pure Pearls owner Amanda Raab for offering this in lengths from 16 to 22 inches, to fit various necks.

It will look prettiest sitting just at the base of the the collarbone, a most alluring spot. Remember the dialog between Ralph Fiennes and Julian Wadham in "The English Patient"?

Count Laszlo de Almásy (Fiennes): This... this, the hollow at the base of a woman's throat, does it have an official name? 
Madox (Wadham): Good God, man, pull yourself together. 
Almásy: There is no God... but I hope someone looks after you. 
Madox: Just in case you're interested, it's called the suprasternal notch.

Cheap pearls don't turn out to be a bargain, but when you find quality pearls at an excellent price, life is sweet. These reputable sellers offer 30-day full refunds.


LPC said…
I love those earrings! And the leather choker! Gorgeous Duchesse, I salute your extra pearl news:).
Oh I've just posted about my love of pearls and linked up to you! We must be on the same wavelength this morning!
Susan said…
I always enjoy your pearl entries. Thank you for this one.
Tish Jett said…
Oooh, now there you go -- real luxury. How can one not love pearls.

I forgot to tell you last time. Your picture is beautiful and since I've seen the women in the picture in real time, I know she's beautiful.
sisty said…
That inception strand has my name on it -- and it comes in other colors, too! But the lavender round strand has my name on it, too! Decisions, decisions....

How often do they have sales at Pearl Paradise, in your experience?
Duchesse said…
LPC: Oh great, more encouragement for pearls!

hostess: Yes! We would be dangerous pearl shopping.

Tish: Oh thank you; today I'm wearing pearls bought on that trip at Antoine Chapoutot.

sisty: Usually twice a year (and there are monthly specials) but not on the same items, and when the more unusual pearls sell out they are not seen again. That is the way of pearls and the various harvests. (Yes, I have a few regrets.)

You might order both for a try-on, then you will know; and shipping (in USA) is free.
SusanNYC said…
Pearls are a great favorite of mine and I have both expensive pearls and imitation. It's often hard to tell the difference since the imitations have taken on skin lustre after many wearings, too. Pearls often need to be "butched up" during the day...I love to wear them with a leather jacket or simply wind them around my wrist and add a skull ring. I don't do the single strand anymore...I layer pearls on or wear a multi-strand necklace open and clip an interesting pin or brooch to the fastener end. Great topic!
Duchesse said…
SusanNYC: I like the idea of butching up your pearls! We do, though, differ on the matter of imitations, which I always find soulless. (What they take on from your skin is oil, but there is no depth, which comes from the optical qualities given by layers of nacre.)

Should you acquire fine pearls, pinning on brooches or wearing them with chains will scratch them and eventually wear through the nacre, something I'd avoid if you want to keep them.
Gretchen said…
Ahhh...my very favorite movie. Those Tahitians are calling my name, too! Question for you, Duchesse, which was prompted by a posting from the lovely Hostess in BC. She mentioned that her daughter wears her pearl earrings as her statement piece. I have a pair of 8-9mm earrings I wear incessantly, because they're quite honestly the most comfortable pair I own. But, I have another pair of antique earrings, on gold lever backs so they hang right below the lobe, about a 7mm with a .25 ct cushion diamond on each. Are these too "twee" for someone in their 40s/50s to wear??
Mardel said…
ooh, pretty pretty. I love the leather choker and that last strand too. The inception strand looks tempting too. Damn, pearls are always so tempting.
Mardel said…
See, I got my pearl posts mixed up, commenting on both posts at once.
Mardel said…
See, I got my pearl posts mixed up, commenting on both posts at once.
barbara said…
Dear Duchesse, I so like your comme solito delightful pearl posts.
But, the more I see and learn about pearls I find it harder to choose a necklace for myself...
Duchesse said…
Mardel: That's OK, I've posted tow back to back.

barbara: Eventually things become clearer- or you just buy several, worse luck! :)
Duchesse said…
Mardel: That was, "two".
MJ said…
Ooh, I may have to get that leather and pearl combination - most pearls seem too ladylike for me, but those I like.
Duchesse said…
MJ: I think those are are made in Tahitians too, if you inquire.
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